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Nanhyangnowon Park

Nanhyangnowon Park

In the past people displayed a Stone which look like a woman's vagina. Shortly after the housewives stated cheating on their husbands. Then people put another phallic shaped rock beside the woman's rock and the local men's peace came back. This story sounds like a fairy tail but it it really happened. There is also a park for stones located at Na Jeon station, Buk Pyong - myoun, called " Nan Hyang No Won ". Once you enter this small park you will see interesting rocks most of them look like a penis or vagina. Some of the mail rocks are very majestic. Two of the femal rocks are called Granddaughter and Grandmother. The Grandmother rocks a especially interesting because the Grandmother rock has a huge hole. When people come through it, it look like a mother giving birth. Till last year only a few rocks were there. These rocks were discovered in different parts of the city from 1971. At that time it was believed that if women touched the vagina rocks they would cheat on their husbands to counter this, people curried vagina rocks in. But after that there were many car accidents and local people getting sick with no reason. So the people dug up the vagina rock again. But Jeong Seon Province still wanted to keep their wives from cheating, so they brought in the penis rock. Meanwhile local people thought if the vagina rock and penis rock were together then it would keep Yin and Yang in harmony. At first local people worried that something bad would happen when the penis rock came in. But nothing came of it. Local women don't have extra-marital affairs even though they touch the vagina rocks. Man's and Woman's energies are said to gather here. Many couples come and pray for their marriage, babies and their health. Tourist take pictures of those rare shaped rocks. This spot is becoming a tourist hot spot.  

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Characteristic: Park exhibiting male and female genital-shaped stones
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  • Address: 521-19 Bukpyeong-ri Bukpyeong-myeon Jeongseon-gun Gangwon-do    
  • Phone: +82-1544-9053       
  • Homepage: None   
  • Holidays: Open year-round     
  • Hours: Always available   
  • Admission fee: Free     
  • Charges: Free           
  • Parking: Free  
  • Parking fees: Free
  • Recommended Season: Four seasons     
  • Nearby Attractions: Arari Puppet House, Baekseok Falls, Najeon Station    
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Information sign of Nan Hyang-nowon: Near the end of Goryo Dynasty a girl named " Nan Hyang " got married to a name in her home town. One day, when she went to a stream to do the laundry she noticed a small basket floating down to her. She wondered what inside the basket so she grabbed it. Inside the basket was the belongings of a female Shaman : A silk dress, bells and fan. the young bride had a marvelous feeling about it she could feel the strange energy. So she went to her village showed off her dress and other stuff around the town. Her father - in - law heard about this and scolded her. Nan Hyang ashamed for embarrassing her family, hung herself from a pine tree in the town. After her death a Woman Shaman's ghost killed all of Nan Hyang's in - laws.

So now when people get married the brides in lows prepare a silk dress for the ghost. This appeasement will sooth the ghost and help avoid the curse. Also local people make rice cake and special food in Tano ( 5th day of the 5th month on the lunar calendar ). At Tano there is a service where they pray prosperity and wellness.