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Jeongseon Confucian Academy

Jeong Seon Confucian Temple and School
Natural Monument

Confucian Academy

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Jeong Seon Confucian Temple and School
  • Provincial Monument number 101
  • Established : 1985
  • Description Wooden tile roofed house, 6 buildings
  • Location : Bongyang 7-ri 385th, Jeongseon-eup, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon State
  • Proprietor : Foundation of Jeong Seon Confucian Temple and School
  • History
    • Jeong Seon Confucian Temple and School located in Bong Yang - ri, Jeong Seon - eup, Jeong Seon - gun. According to the old historical documents the school was originally under Mt. Sam Bong. In 1605 the school was carried away by a heavy flood. Seven years later, in 1613 they built a new school at the same spot.
      The Confucian temple and school carried the saints of perpetuity and raised pupils to that reason they built the school at the best spot in town. Mt. Bee Bong lies behind it and the Jo Yang River nearly surrounds it. 
      The summit of Mun-pil rise high in front of the school. It is said that all of the kind of spirits which animate and control the universe gather here. There documents on the origins of this temple, because all had been last in the big flood. We can't know how old this place really is but according to the Department of Education, the school was built in the Joseon Dynasty about 900 years ago, in the 13th year of King Tae Jo's reign.
      King Seong-Jong brought smart pupils from all the different provinces to Seoul and made them study under the King of Dong, an expert in Confucianism and civil and military functions. During King Yae's 5th year, a school for education was built on Chae Ju Island.
      Some people think that they had the Confucian temple and School around 1357 - 1392 because in 1357 King Gong-Min ordered study and in 1392 during King Gong-Yang's 4th year a Buddhist religious service of the shrine Confucius was started. But all this doesn't sound reasonable.
      First of all Confucian scholars had to be raised. Second, Confucianism ideology had to be popularized.
      Third there had to be a religious service with respect and adoration of the saints. The temple and school was lost to the big flood and also fire caused by the Im Jin War with Japan in 1592. The house was then used as a district office of the government. Nobody devoured to build the school again until a few Confucian schools reconstructed it. 
      In 1611 King Gang Hae Gun, stated to build the school but tigers appeared every night. During King Hyoun's Second year, they tried to move the school back to the old spot then couldn't move it. In 1732 King Young Jo ordered the move to the original place. During 10 years they repaired and colored it over and over. 
      In 1988 - 1995 It was repaired completely.