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Lee Dan Ha and His whife's clothes

Lee Dan Ha and <br/>His wife's clothes
Natural Monument

Lee Dan Ha and
His whife's clothes

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Lee Dan Ha and His wife's clothes
  • Folk Costume Material number 4
  • Established : 1965
  • Location : 216-1th ,Bong San - ri, Jeong Seon - gun, Gan Won - do
  • Proprietor : Lee Wui
  • Description : 6 different clothes
  • History
    • Located by Bong San Ri, Lee Dan Ha's descendants own the clothes of he and his wife.
      Lee Dan Ha was a civil minister during the Joseon Dynasty. The province established the clothes in 1965.
  • How to get to Lee Wui's House
    • From Seoul
      • by the train
        Take the train from Cheong Ryang Ri station → Get off at Yeo Ryang station → Take the bus to Im Gae
      • by car
        From Jung Bu Express Way → Jin Bu → Na Jun 3 way I.C → Im Gae → Bong San Ri → Lee Wui's House
        (Takes 30 minutes from the Im Gae town office.)