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High1 Ski Resort

High1 Ski Resort

Jeongseon High 1 Ski, which is popular among ski and board fanatics, has world-class size and facilities, and it offers white fun in the winter season. It is also great for beginners as it has a straight slope with a mild slope.

  • High1 Ski Resort
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    Leisure & SportsHigh1 Ski Resort

Characteristic: World Class Prestige Ski resort of Korea
Information Use
  • Address: 424, Highone-gil, Gohan-eup, Jeongseon County, Gangwon State
  • Phone: +82-1588-7789
  • Homepage:
  • Holidays: Closed In Summer Season
  • Hours: Opened all winter long
  • Admission fee: Free
  • Charges
    • Lift ticket: Adult 56,000 ~ 97,000 won / Children 44,000 ~ 76,000 won
    • Ski Rental: Adult 27,000 ~ 54,000 / Children 21,000 ~ 41,000 won
    • Snow board Rental: Adults 27,000 ~ 54,000 won / Children 21,000 ~ 41,000 won
    • Snow sledding: Adult 8,000 ~ 12,000 won / Children 8,000 ~ 12,000 won
  • Parking: Parking Allowed
  • Parking fees: Free
  • Recommended Season: Winter
  • Nearby Attractions: Hwaam Cave, Arari Village, Cheonpo Gold Mine Village
  • last update: 2017-09-02
Tourist guide

High 1 Resort is located on the skirts of the 883m high Baekwoonsan Mountain. It is a massive cultural and tourism resort equipped with a golf course, ski resort, casino and lodging facilities. It is especially famous for its golf course that looks out to Donggang River. It is even more worth visiting as the only casino opened to Koreans in Korea is located here.

Tourist Tips

There are many things to enjoy within the resort, but also has rich tourism resources in the vicinity such as Auraji, Jeongseon Sogeumgang River, and Hwaamdonggul Cave.