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Hwaam Mineral Spring

Hwaam Mineral Spring

In Gurim Bawi Forest, Hwaam-myeon and Jeongseon-Gun, Hwa Am mineral spring water gushes out of the rocks collecting iron, calcium, fluorine and other elements. It is said to be medically effective for stomachaches, eye infections, skin problems and so forth. The water has a refreshing taste, similar to that of lemon-lime soda. The spring was discovered in 1910 by Mr Moon Myoung Mu. Legend has it, that if a person with a "possessed" mind tries to drink the water, they'll see a " Boa Constrictor "

  • Hwaam Mineral Spring
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    8 scenic
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    Hwaam Mineral Spring

Characteristic: the scenic view of Eight Scenic Views of Hwaam
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  • Address: 1328, Yaksu-gil, Hwaam-myeon, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon State
  • Phone: +82-33-562-1944
  • Homepage: None
  • Holidays: Open year-round
  • Hours: Always available
  • Admission fee: Free
  • Charges: Camping Site: 20,000won~30,000won
  • Parking: Parking Allowed
  • Parking fees: Free
  • Recommended Season: All seasons
  • Nearby Attractions: Hwaam Yaksu Camping Site, Hwaam Cave, Jeongamsa Temple
  • last update: 2017-09-01
Tourist guide

Hwaam Mineral Springs where Hwaam Yaksu Camping Site is located is scene 1 of the 8 majestic scenes of Hwaam. The stones and forests on the path from below the mineral springs to Hwaam Cave create beautiful scenery. The Hwaam Mineral Springs that spring out of the stones from the Geurim-bawi stone mountain is known to be excellent for stomach diseases, eye diseases and skin diseases, and it has a unique cider-like taste.