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Jeokmyeolbogung Jeongamsa Temple

Jeokmyeolbogung Jeongamsa Temple
Natural Monument

Jeongamsa Temple

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Jeokmyeolbogung Jeongamsa Temple
  • Provincial Monument number 32
  • Established :1984
  • Location : Gohan-ri–2, Gohan–eup, Jeongseon–gun, Gangwon State
  • Description : Wooden tile Roofed Monumental House
  • Proprietor : Jeong Am Temple
  • History
    • The palace of Jeok Myoul Bo in Jeong Am temple has hand down many things from the great sage Mun Su. During King Dong's 12th Mun Su had a very strong position among the kings administration. At that time Buddhism was very powerful and it tried better establish itself by building structures and better disciplining the monks. So they built the 9 layers pagoda at Hang Ryong Temple, the 13 layers pagoda at Wol Jang Temple in Pyoung Chang Mt. O Dae. Also they built the Jeok Myoul Bo Palace in Jung Am temple and Dae Haw Temple in the Sam Cheok area. Jeok Myoul Bo Palace is famous because in enshrine a Buddha statue because Buddhist scriptures are kept there. Chang Won Temple in Pyoung Chang, Bub Hoang Temple in Young Wol and bong Jeong Temple at Mt. Seol Ak etc. all have a similar style to Jeong Am temple. They have 3 floor spaces in front and 2 floor spaces on the side.