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High1 Haneul-gil Trail (Skywalk Trail)

Haneul-gil Trail (Skywalk Trail)

Haneul-gil Trail is a mountain road spreading around the top of Baegunsan Mountain surrounding High 1 Resort in Gohan-eup, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do. The only mountain road in Korea located at an elevation of over 1,100 m, it boasts of its beauty as much as it has a nickname, "Untan-godo trail," which means the road in the highland with clouds spreading out like a carpet. This used to be a road where coals were carried out in the past, however, High 1 Resort redesigned and transformed it as tourism resource after coal mines were abandoned. The Skywalk is divided into two courses, one for walk and another for trail. Courses vary ranging from 15 minutes to more than three hours, which is for trekking, therefore visitors can choose a path suitable for them.

  • Haneul-gil Trail  (Skywalk Trail)
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  • Nearby Attractions: Jeongseon Land, High1 Resort, Taebaek Highland Natural Recreational Forest
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Tourist guide

Two popular course are recommended if you want trekking along the Jeongseon Haneul-gil Trail. First, a 9.4km and three-hour course, starting from High 1 Resort, walk through from Mountain Condominium to Haneulmajung-gil, Dorongyee Pond, Nakyeopsong-gil, observatory, to High 1 C.C. Second, a 10.4km and 4-hour course, starting from Valley Condominium, Mureungdowon-gil, Baegunsan Mountain Top (Macheonbong Peak), Sanchelzuk-gil, Mountain Top Garden, Dorongyee Pond, Haneulmajung-gil, to Montain Condominium. The whole length of Haneul-gil Trail reaches up to 40km from Manhangjae, Hwajeolryeong Road to Saebijae. It's quite rough for those not familiar with mountain climbing to walk along the whole courses in a day, however, the course reaching to Hwajeolryeong Road could be easier for them as it's gentle and light.

Tourist Tips

If you plan to go trekking in Jeongseon Haneul-gil Trail, it'll be convenient to stay and have meals at High 1 Resort. To get to High 1 Resort, take the Jungang Expressway and exit though Jecheon Interchange to take National Route 38, Yeongwol bound. Wild flowers are planted along the slope at ski resort, which will give you a unique opportunity to experience slope trekking tour on a gondola from the Mountain Top. You can enjoy skiing here in winter. You can enjoye delicious Taebaek beef at beef butcher shop nearby. Or you can also save time by just eating restaurant inside High 1 Resort