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Flower :
Donggang Pasqueflower
(Pulsatilla tongkangensis)

This flower that blossoms even with many obstacles such as the rough natural environment symbolizes the strong will of the people of Jeongseon, as well as their passion for the future (Designated as plant only found in Korea in 2000)

Tree :
Ginger (Dongbak) Tree

ts familiarity that can be easily seen in the nearby mountains and valleys in the early spring time and simple but various colors that change with each season symbolizes the purity and energy of the people of Jeongseon

Bird :

Symbolizes the integrity and mystery of Jeongseon that maintains its beautiful natural environment and magnificent sceneries
(Natural Treasure 323)

Symbol Mark

This symbolizes an environment-friendly image of beautiful and clean natural scenery. It means transforming the area into a tourist resort by utilizing the traditional image of "home of Arirang", and connecting our clean natural environment with hopes for a bright future and progressive spirit of regional development in the area.

Mascot(San Ari)

Our mascot encapsulates green mountains, clean valleys and the friendly image of Arirang. It plays a major role in linking local governments and residents to better relationships.

Jeongseon Arirang Character

Reflecting the current image of Arirang, this new design associates Jeongseon Arirang dance and sound, and visualizes valleys and rivers in Jeongseon. It also symbolizes the sorrow and happiness in the Arirang melody.

Ariari Jeongseon

With red background which stands for fun and interest as well as the warmth of people in Jungseon, the natural image of the river and mountain flowing back and forth as well as the exciting Arirang tune has been stressed with curve to express Jungseon which is dynamic and future oriented where tradition and future are in harmony.

Brand of County

It is a design brand that combines Jeongseon's hometown image (Arirang, affection, countryside, mother) and wellness resources (nature, forest, healing, healing)