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Sumano Pagoda in Jeongamsa Temple

Natural Monument

Sumano Pagoda
in Jeongamsa Temple

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Su Ma No Pagoda ( Water Agate Pagoda ) in Jeong Am Temple
  • Treasure Number 410
  • Established : 1964
  • Location : Gohan-ri-2, Gohan–eup, Jeongseon–gun, Gangwon State
  • Description : One stone pagoda
  • Height : 9 Meters
  • Length : 20 ~ 30cm
  • Thickness: 5 ~ 7cm
  • Material : Compound of Calcium stone
  • Year of Built : Go Ryo Dynasty

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Treasure Number 410

Su Ma No ( Water Agates ) Pagoda in Jeong Am Temple There is a legend about a Buddhist monk who to China to study meditation. On his return to Korea he passed and met the God of the West Sea. The West Sea God was touched by the monks faith and five the monk Agates. The monk used this rock to build the pagoda.
The Su Ma No ( water agate ) pagoda was remadled in may the 39th year of the Reign of King Suk Jong ( 1674 - 1720 ). 6 years later it got ruined by a thunderbolt. They remode it again in the 46th year of the King Young Jo. 100years later noticed the pagoda slanting. One monk stated to pray on it and 100 days later found a pile of agates by the pagoda. Monk got the help of other monks and they remodeled it in 1872. This time they enshrined Gold and Silver bowls with a relic, 81 beads of Buddha and other stuff. In 9172 Su Ma No Pagoda started falling apart. Just before its collapse, the cultural properties government officials started repair again. In 1996 they government put in good order that the pagoda comply with dismantlement and be repaired.
They spent part of lots wons ( Korean money ) from national expenses.

Su Ma No : Water Agate

Mo Jeon Seok Top : Materials are rocks but those rocks cu as well as bricks, so pagoda looks like it is made out of bricks.

How to get to Jeong Am Temple
  • From Seoul
    • by the train
      Take train from Cheongnyangni station → get off at Go Han station → Take bus or taxi
      (Takes 4 hours to get there)
    • by car
      Jung Bu Express Way → Won Ju → Jae Chun → Young Wol → Nam Youn 3 way I.C → Go Han Jeong Am Temple
  • From Sae Mal…
    • by car
      Sae Mal → Pyoung Chang → Jeong Seon → Jeong Am Temple
  • From Jin Bu
    • by car
      Jin Bu → Na Jeon 3 Way I.C → Jeong Seon → Jeong Am Temple