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Inhabitants of Brachymystax lenok

Natural Monument

Inhabitants of
Brachymystax lenok

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Inhabitants of Brachymystax lenok
  • National Natural Monument Number 73
  • Established : 1962
  • Location : San 213th, Gohan-ri, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon State
  • Proprietor : Jeong Am Temple
  • Description : Habitat in Jeong Am Valley

This is a 7 layers pagoda, very systematically piled up in a way to look very elaborate. It looks like it's made out of bricks. Jung Am Temple was built in A.D 643 during Queen Seon Deok 12th year. 7 years later Su Ma No pagoda built, some people believed it was built during the Ko Ryo Dynasty. 7 layers the upper part of the pagoda has a place to keep " Sin Ju " which is wood with the carved name of dead people. Outside the upper part of the pagoda A Korean Imaginary General is carved in to guard against devils from the outside. The top part of the pagoda is made of Bronze. According to the history books, Mt. Tae Baek ( Nowadays call Mt. Hambaek ) has peaks called Chun Ui ( East side ), Un Top ( south side ) and Gum Top ( North side ). Originally three pagodas were placed centered between the 3 peaks a Gold, a Silver and an Agate pagoda a stood at one time together. Unfortunately no longer exist a Gold and a Silver pagodas

Habitat Myounggae-ri, Nae-myoun, Hongcheon-gun, Jindong-chun, Injae, and Duta-youn, Younggu , all those towns from Gangwon State. One place called Hongcheon is Provincial Monument Number 67