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Gwangdaegok Valley


The Eighth scenic view of Eight Scenic Views of Hwaam. A mysterious valley where sky, clouds and land meet. Legend has it that impure people were forbidden to enter that place. If they entered, the branches of the trees would appear to them as snakes or they would receive actual physical injury. So when you climb or hike this mountain, you should have good feeling inside and outside of you. There are also some waterfalls in this valley. Around the valley, there are places where wild ginseng grows and areas where hermits go to meditate before they begin to search for the wild ginseng .

  • Gwangdaegok
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    8 scenic
    Views of Hwaam
    Gwangdaegok Valley

Characteristic: the eighth scenic view of Eight Scenic Views of Hwaam     
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  • Nearby Attractions: Molundae Cliff, Sogeumgang Valley, Jeongseon Art Gallery   
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