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Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock is a 6m wide Fantastic Rock, which resembles a turtle and is situated on the right side of the cliff. It appears to be a turtle climbing the ridge and is complete with four legs, a head and a tail. The Turtle Rock is said to be the guardian of the town. The Turtle has lived there for thousands of years. It is believed that if an individual came before the Turtle Rock with a pure heart, they would obtain health, peace of mind and a long life. The Turtle Rock deters bad fortune and brings good luck. The Taoist Hermit rock which can be viewed from the Turtle rock is also said to give you a peaceful mind.

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    Turtle Rock

Characteristic: the second scenic view of Eight Scenic Views of Hwaam        
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  • Address: 336-1, Hwaam-ri, Hwaam-myeon, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do 
  • Phone: +82-33-562-1944                        
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  • Holidays: Open year-round
  • Hours: Always available
  • Admission fee: Free
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  • Recommended Season: All seasons   
  • Nearby Attractions: Hwaam Yaksu Camping Site, Hwaam Cave, Jeongamsa Temples
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