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Grimbawi Art Village

Banwole Bichin Grimbawi Rock Village

The village is a wish to add to Eight Scenic Views of Hwaam. This man-made scenery, Hwaam-myeon, Jeongseon County, Gangwon-do, is as beautiful as natural landscape, and it was made by the 2013 Village Art Project. 

  • Banwole Bichin Grimbawi Rock Village
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Characteristic: 2013 Village Art Project
Information Use
  • Address: 40, Geurimbawi-gil, Hwaam-myeon, Jeongseon County, Gangwon-do
  • Phone: +82-33-560-2562
  • Homepage: none
  • Holidays: Open year-round
  • Hours: Always available
  • Admission fee: Free
  • Charges: Free
  • Parking: Parking Allowed
  • Parking fees: Free
  • Recommended Season: All seasons
  • Nearby Attractions: Auraji, Gariwangsan Villiage, Kangwon Land
  • last update: 2016-08-02
Tourist guide

Hwaam has been called Grimbawi Rock from the old times because the mountain, surrounds the village, looks like a piece of painting. The 2013 Village Art Project was held by promotion committee and a local government with Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism centered. It was a project to transmogrify spaces of daily life charmingly by public art. Hwaam-myeon, Jeongseon County was selected among 12 areas all over the country. The project was progressed at Hwaam 1, 2-ri, Hwaam-myeon that are close to Hwaam Cave and Hwaam spring and have magnificent landscape with Sogumgan River and Strange rock formations and cliffs.

Tourist Tips

The village was decorated based on Korean traditional sight to see natural scenery. Among ‘the sight of Simwon’, “the sight of Gowon’, and ‘the sight of Pyeongwon’, Simwon, Gowon, and Pyeongwon are the technique of Korean Painting. 35 painters participated in and remade the village with 35 art works. It is recommended to take a time and look around as it contains histories of the village and the wonderful sites.