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It is located at 19.4km away from Jeongseon-eup. It takes 30 minutes to drive. At this place, Socheon Stream meets Goljicheon Stream, so it is called as Auraji. This was the rafting site from which people used to carry wood to Seoul by rafts. From this place it becomes a river. It is beautiful because many mountains surround this place. There are clean water, a woman statue of Auraji and a pavilion built recently. This is one of eight scenic views of Yeoryang.

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    Famous Sight Auraji

Characteristic: one of eight scenic views of Yeoryang
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  • Address: 69, Auraji-gil, Yeoryang-myeon, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do
  • Phone: +82-1544-9053
  • Homepage: None
  • Holidays: every Tuesday
  • Hours: Always available
  • Admission fee: Free

  • Charges: Free
  • Parking: Parking Allowed
  • Parking fees: Free
  • Disabled facilities: Wheelchair available for rent
  • Recommended Season: All seasons
  • Nearby Attractions: Jeongseon Rail Bike, Aauraji Area, Hwaam Cave
  • last update: 2016-09-19
Tourist guide

Jeongseon Arirang was made at Auraji. There lived a man and a woman at Yeoryang and Gagumi(gageum). In the middle is the Auraji between two village. Two lovers cannot meet each other on the appointed day because of flood. It is said that the lyrics of Jeongseon Arirang derives from this sad story. Now there remains a ferry at the Gagumi and Yeoryang village. The camping site of 2,000㎡ area is run in every July and August. There are various tourist attractions around here including Ojang Waterfall, Hanggol Valley, Hwaam Cave and Hwaam Mineral Water. Buses can be used from Jeongseon to Yeoryang and Gujeolri. Train can be used from Cheongnyangni Station to Jeongseon Station. Jeongseon 5day local market is held from April to November.

Tourist Tips

Hyeonsugyo Bridge, mosly made with a rope, is located over the Songcheon Stream, and it has a nickname of slopping bridge, as it slops when running on the bridge.